Watching Clouds: Oracle Forecast June 2014

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All is clouds, clouds, and more clouds. Cards drawn for the forecast from The Playing Card Oracles deck.

In this forecast, for the new LUNAR CYCLE beginning May 28, 2014 (and continuing thru most of June,) the Oracles show a very etherial, sort of watching and waiting dynamic. Make sure you keep clear about what you want the eventual outcome of things to be, and know you have the abilities to make whatever dreams you have into realities, even if it is something you haven’t done before. And finally, be willing to wait for those things that are worth waiting for. The dreams we are talking about this month will take beyond the month at hand to manifest.

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Music in this Podcast is “Mystical Trance” by Anugama, and “Raven Medicine” by Byron Metcalf.
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, and have a completely COSMIC Lunar month!! And remember, when you ALIGN, you FLY!!


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