The Oracles at Delphi and the future of divination


  • Melissa says:

    Hi Ana,

    I have similar experiences with my clients. Typically my availability limits readings to go 5 days to a week out – which is a turn-off for many folks, I know, when they can just call a 900-number and speak with someone instantly. You’re right that this is a product of the new immediate society we are a part of — but I have found that folks who are interested in immediate answers, aren’t typically interested in transforming their lives through divination, soul-healing or otherwise anyway.

    I stand by your mission to elevate the divinatory arts. I would love for more of my clients to realize that a reading is about *them* and the heart-work they must put in for their lives to become satisfying and fulfilling — rather than coming to me for a reading about the intentions and feelings of the people around them.

    Great, thought-provoking video! Thank you!

  • Ana says:

    Great comments. I agree whole heartedly. More on this topic to come, I believe.

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