The LOVE Episode – “It’s Not Tarot” Valentines Special, LIVE

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  • Tripti Gupta says:

    Dear Madam,

    Greetings for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It might sounds crazy to you but before I found you on You tube I have seen you in my dreams. You provided angelic guidance. It’s so amazing and miraculous. Fail to express my amazement. You provided me also Angelic Guidance. I can explain the color of Cards it was Black colour having pale yellow lines unable to draw out the figure marked by yellow lines.
    The Guidance was “I have to manage energy attitudinal difference between generational gaps related to your Love interest”.

    I do not know what message GOD wants to give me. Is there any such angelic guidance and it belongs to which Tarot Card.

    Thank you so much
    warm Regards
    Tripti Gupta

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