The Lie that Keeps you from Finding Your Passion

“Looking for your passion” is a noble mind set that can be a huge trap. It can keep you arms length from the happiness you could be having right now. It can literally keep you from finding your passion.

“Looking for your passion” means you are waiting to unleash your passion, holding back. Uninvested in the life you have already. But passion is the very thing that transforms the ordinary into something inspired. It is a way of seeing, a way of being, that changes everything. And if you simply ARE passionate, you will attract more reasons to BE passionate, and more ways of expressing it. And this makes every day worth living.


Seizing the Moment! Photo compliments of instagram @yveswanderlust

Passion is waiting for you somewhere unexpected, it’s in your bowl of oatmeal. It is not delivered by FedEx with flashing lights on the box. And isn’t living passionately more fun anyway?

We are all innately curious, interested in life, born to express love. You are already a passionate person. But are you living each day passionately? If not, why not? If not, you are missing opportunities that the passionate person would see. Think of the ice cap on the mountain top, melting in the spring warmth. Little trickles of water, of PASSION, begin flowing. The little trickles do not know where they will flow, only that they must flow, because of what they are. So the trickles flow anyway, and literally CREATE their channel, because they ARE ALREADY FLOWING.

Here is an example of someone finding their passion in the ordinary. A guy I know, a pretty passionate guy, was joking with his friend over a bowl of pho. (Pho is a popular vietnamese noodle dish, pronounced fuh.)

The tantalizing little noodle dish.

The tantalizing little noodle dish.

The two friends ate pho often, as it is a cheap and nourishing food found on almost every street corner in the community where they were living in Southern California. They had a passion for pho. The guy in this example joked wouldn’t it be funny to make a documentary about pho, and call it the pho-cumentary (say fuh-cumentary.)

Well months passed and he kept thinking about the idea for a pho-cumentary. Because this guy was super passionate, he thought maybe he could turn his love for pho into something more. He contacted another friend who was a chef, and created a Kickstarter campaign. They got a trip funded into the heart of pho in Vietnam, where they explored the back alleys and cultural stories associated with this noodle dish, and it changed his life. He had the most amazing trip ever. Now he is creating more films and finding his inner storyteller. He is living his passion every day.

But he was already living his passion. Do you see? He was the snow cap with the trickles coming off of it, not knowing which way to flow. But there was a bowl of pho in front of him and he saw the potential in the ordinary. He is the kind of person people envy, but he is no different than me and you.

The moral of the story: BE PASSIONATE. Press and stretch your ability to love, be interested in, and express what is waiting inside of you EVERY DAY. Look at what is in front of you with passion. And don’t hold back. Don’t ever hold back.

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