The Importance of Here and Now, the Excruciating “In-Between,” Seth Godin’s New Book and the “Fifth Hammer,” that Troublesome Number 13, and more.

Cards from new Oracle Deck drawn for Forecast (Solstice Dec 2014.)

Cards from new Oracle Deck drawn for Forecast (Solstice Dec 2014.)

HAPPY SOLSTICE AND HAPPY 2015 – to you and you, and you, and you!

JUST PUSH THE PLAY BUTTON ABOVE TO LISTEN TO THE FORECAST. In this episode of “Oracle Speak,” we ring in the new LUNAR CYCLE  and the brand NEW SEASON. This forecast period is for Dec. 22nd, 2014 through Jan. 20th, 2015. And fittingly, the brand new Oracle Playing Card Deck  NOT YET RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC was officially inaugurated during the forecast.

These new cards have a lot to say, I half expected them to stand up and start parading around my table! There were many, many messages in this forecast for the time ahead and the new season.

Plus, discussion on Seth Godin’s new book, “What to do WHEN IT’S  YOUR TURN, a story of Pythagorus and the “Fifth Hammer,” and much more.

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Music in this Podcast is “Mystical Trance” by Anugama, and “Raven Medicine” by Byron Metcalf.
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, and have a completely COSMIC Lunar month!! And remember, when you ALIGN, you FLY!!



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