Startling World Prediction from Man Who Died 4 Times

I love this man’s story so much, and the message so timely and important, there is no way I can not share it with you guys. It’s an interview with someone who has been to the other side not one, but four times, bringing back a startling prediction for humanity on Earth that relates to our Sun. A great listen all the way through :-))


–Ana C.

Joshua Dharma



  • suzanne petito says:

    Thanks, Ana for connecting me with EVER. Just listened to the first 45 minutes of their 92 minute podcast about/with Joshua Dharma. I have subscribed and look forward to finding the time to : Finish the aforementioned podcast, and keeping updated. This is very interesting stuff.

  • Thanks Ana for the message from u u left fr me on my order.This months forecast spot on
    Respectfully yours sincerely with a big hug
    Agnes or as my friend s Aggie

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