Spiritual Bootcamp -Your Obstacles are Your Opportunities

Spiritual Bootcamp facilitators: Mom and Daughter, Naga Devi and Ana Cortez

What an honor to be hosting the upcoming Spiritual Bootcamp (Santa Fe, NM, July 13, 2019) with my daughter, Naga Devi. It feels 100% like this is “meant to be.” It’s the long awaited natural happy outcome to some pretty wild, not so happy life stories for both Naga and myself.

Naga is a major warrior spirit, with a rare bravery I am in continual awe and admiration of. I am proud beyond measure to be her mom. Her story of battles and victories is a major inspiration. But I will let her tell you her own story in her own words at the Workshop. (See a bit as well at her website.)

“Without the obstacles we would just float in oblivion without the knowledge to become awakened beings.”

Speaking solely for myself, I can say, up until the last few years there was just a long string of what felt like near unending struggles and hardships that seemed unexplainable, like more than most peoples share for one lifetime.  My feeling has always been that there must have been some kind of agreement for this incarnation. To just sock it to me. Hold nothing back. I think I am seriously just ready to clean it all up once and for all. All the lifetimes of baggage. Because I want joy. I don’t want anything in my way of pure and total joy.

spiritual bootcamp facilitator Naga Devi

Naga Devi, co-facilitator of upcoming Spiritual Bootcamp

And something remarkable happened as I continued to get totally smattered and battered with S-H-I-T. It was at my lowest, most spiritually broken point ever and suddenly there was this light at the end of the tunnel. Something switched. And a process of awakening that unfolded over about a 5 year period began. Actually it still continues. And all the teachings and techniques studied over many years previous converged into something palpable, like puzzle pieces inside of me coming together. And I noticed obstacles within me slowly but surely dissolving. Not only were the techniques I was practicing transforming me, but slowly and surely transforming the visible life that others could see.

So this is the good news.

Your obstacles are your opportunities. They are stepping stones to greater understanding, and greater spiritual power. Without the obstacles we would just float in oblivion without the knowledge to become awakened beings.

“Your awakening is everyones awakening.”

And your awakening is everyones awakening. Every time you clear up something in your own life and psyche, it lifts the energetic of the whole planet. It’s literally clearing the path for others to have the same realizations.

So we lift each other, because we ARE each other. We are one. Not theoretically but in actuality. This is our hope.

So at the upcoming Workshop, which I would LOVE to see you at, we’ll be doing a crash course inoculation of potent spiritual practices that embody the core of the transformative process that both Naga and myself practice and have experienced the life changing results of.

Sometimes we all need a little help getting our wheels turning again. It’s easy to get stuck in life situations that are really our call for next level learning. So this Spiritual Bootcamp is designed to move energy and give you the tools to take on your way for whatever comes at you next.

Reserve Your Spot NOW.

Saturday, July 13, 2019; Santa Fe, NM; YogaSource Guadalupe

Please feel free to email with any questions: ana@anacortez.com

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