Playing Card Oracle School by Ana Cortez

Welcome to The Playing Card Oracle School. Here you will find a completely original, organic vision of Card Reading with Playing Cards that will open your eyes to the 52-card deck we have all looked at a million times but never really seen. If you can watch a youtube video, you can take this course.

The Goal of the School is ultimately to get you comfortable with the basic language in the deck, to get you on your way to a lifetime of insight and amazement, always available anytime there is a deck of playing cards to be found. After watching any of the videos, a whole new vision of cards will begin unfolding for you.

What you’ll find are 20 completely free videos, with no need to set up an account and no hassles. The videos bring you my own personal go-to card reading essentials, cherry picked from the book, The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination.  Follow the videos in order, or allow your curiosity to guide you on your own personal Oracle journey.

For MORE videos, subscribe to my youtube channel. Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to join the Playing Card Oracles Discord for practice opportunities and where I will be checking in and answering questions, and follow on Instagram @anacortezoracles.



View the full selection of 20 Oracle School videos HERE.

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All School material is free of charge at this time. We are grateful for your donation! Thank You 🙂



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