Playing Card Oracle DECKS – a Quick History of What’s What

CJ Freeman (1941-2010) was a prolific Oracle Artist who delved into the mysteries of the 52 card deck through a unique, intuitive art process. Over a 35 year period, CJ created hundreds of pieces of self taught art to explore the mysteries of the subconscious mind, and several decks within the “Playing Card Oracle” unique method of card reading resulted.
In this video, his daughter Ana Cortez reviews the history of his illustrative work and the decks that reside within the Playing Card Oracle tradition.
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  • Suzi says:

    I absolutely loved Your video.I have Some of your decks.A very busy life has kept them in my library and untouched for a few years.During the quarantine here in New York I’m taking time to reconnect. Your decks are in a class of their own. They’re not Like Any other decks.I am so sorry I did not hear about your latest kickstarter.I most certainly would have supported it.I will be checking back in your store during the coming weeks,Hoping that your latest deck Will be up for sale.

  • Lotus says:

    What amazing timing for this video, just yesterday I was wondering how many decks there were, then today in my email this video arrives! I have the vintage Picture Book of AC and am looking forward to getting the Alchemy one. I think you aren’t shipping internationally at the moment though? And hurry and get that red-backed one up for sale, wow! Thanks Ana!

  • John Jordan says:

    So wonderful to hear this intriguing story from you first hand. I, too, wish I had caught the Kickstarter campaign.The outcast images add wonderful surprises and depth to the system. I look forward to getting a closer look at them someday. Good luck with the new book. I can’t wait.

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