“Past Lives Layout” with Playing Cards

For those willing to put a little time in for reflection, the “Past Lives Layout”  is an effective tool for activating memories of other lifetimes. By revealing relevant past lives, this spread can be used to resolve, heal, or enrich your current life.

What follows is a little spin on “The Bridge Layout,” already outlined in “The Playing Card Oracles.” It adds a simple twist that changes what you are looking at from present life to past.

Here is how you lay the cards out:

As with “The Bridge Layout,” the 6 of Clubs is located and pulled from the deck, then placed in the center of your table space, face up. But instead of rightside-up, this signifying card is placed upside-down.

The four cards remaining are turned from the top of the deck following the shuffle, and placed intuitively in the four directions surrounding. Very simple. Five cards.


We see that in “The Playing Card Oracles” deck (pictured,) the 6 of Clubs depicts a bridge, making it a perfect focus for this layout that illustrates the life journey. Only, of course, here, the turning of the 6 of Clubs upside-down flips the critical switch. This intentional act is the call to experiences that exist not within the conscious, linear experience, but within the subterranean, non-linear realms that are home to past lives.

Here is a close up of “the Bridge”:

As regards the meanings of the four cards placed around the center, I see them similarly to how the cards are interpreted in “The Bridge Layout.”

  • Top card (North) corresponds to what is given us as gifts to carry on this past life journey. Gifts have pitfalls, as well, never forget.
  • The card directly opposite (South) corresponds to what one must transcend, or the difficulties within the past life.
  • Card to the left (West) corresponds to the history of what is being depicted, and also serves as a mediator or “bridge” between the North and South cards.
  • The card on the right (East) corresponds to the way out, or the steps that need to be taken in order to resolve and heal the situation depicted. This is the movement of liberation.

I recommend sitting with your own “Past Lives Spread” and observing whatever feelings or story lines come up for you. Trust them. Go where you feel you might be avoiding.

The point is to explore places within us that are ready to enter the light, from out of pain and darkness. It is not an exercise in ego elevation.

It’s about transformation. As always.

So find what feels uncomfortable for you as you ponder over your cards. This is the point where I like to bring in ho’oponopono. You have your own tools. Know that you have an opportunity to lighten the energetic baggage we all carry into this life. Use the opportunity.

One additional tip: When shuffling for the Past Lives Spread, try shuffling backwards from the direction you normally do – or something that feels opposite your usual hand motions. This is another call to something outside of time, something past instead of future, something subliminal.

Have fun with this! Reference it when you are having a “present life” obstacle. So many times, these are actually rooted in other life occurrences that are bleeding over into the current situations.

The time is now to awaken all of our selves, to become truly whole, at long last.

Check out the “Past Lives with Cards” episode of the “It’s Not Tarot” Show on youtube for real life readings with this important layout.

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