Oracle Speak – June 2021 Forecast

It’s almost my birthday, and I am already receiving gifts. Of all kinds. One gift is this new way of bringing the Oracles to you. It came quite unexpectedly.

What has arrived I will not call channeling, although you could call it that. I simply will keep the name which always has been for the forecasts: Oracle Speak.

What you find here is a new way (for me) of working with cards. And with it, a new voice. A presence has come forward in the last week or so that at this time I am referring to as “the compass group.” And with this, a sweeping away of the familiar and the beginnings of an awkward exploration within new territories.

This recording is what I give to you at this time – the first transmission under this new directive. It was recorded rather impromptu, on my phone. Please forgive the background noise.

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