Oracle Alchemy

The Art of Transformation in Life and Card Reading

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Leave it to Author Ana Cortez to break the mold once again with her newest publication. As she states in the Introduction:

“So this, like my first book on card reading (The Playing Card Oracles,) is unlike any other book or method of card reading. It has been birthed straight out of my soul, kicking and screaming... It is pure, undiluted BOOTLEG. ”

But unlike her first book, this new book applies to any method of card reading, any type of work with cards. “Rather than tell you what this or that card meaning is, or what formation to lay cards out in like most card reading books, (this book)... explains how to use any method of card reading and turn it into a sacred practice of personal communion, a practice of alchemical transformation.”

In short, it is a book of real magic.

Guided by diverse Oracle imagery created by the author’s father (C.J. Freeman,) the reader is led by an enchanted hand into fantastical worlds. Illustrations in various mediums from all 3 of C.J.'s completed decks, plus sketch book images, photographs, and other unpublished Oracle work is part of what you will find.

Two books under one cover, “Part One” of Oracle Alchemy details Ana’s own early journey of struggle, self discovery and healing in a fairytale like account of what eventually became her calling as an “oracle.” “Part Two” is a practical manual of transformative perspectives and techniques that will rock your card reading world.

Ana’s experience in her field really shines through, and her exceptional perspectives cannot help but leave the reader in a different place than before - a place of massive possibility.

“...this book will encourage you to dream big and break down all kinds of personal barriers. So again, only you can know if this sort of thing interests you or not. It is not the most comfortable work.”

But perhaps the BEST part about Oracle Alchemy is that it uses the art of card reading as a metaphor for exceptional living.

“Because card reading is the perfect metaphor for life. And to be a skilled practitioner is to be skilled at life. So we can be magicians in the card parlor and it schools us how to be magicians in the world. We can have the life of our dreams using card reading techniques...”

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Color interior, 129 pages plus front matter, published Two Sisters Press, 2015.