ONE DAY ONLY, The VINTAGE Playing Card Oracles Deck

This is the much requested, very RARE original Playing Card Oracles Deck, illustrated by C.J. Freeman, and self published by C.J. Freeman and Ana Cortez. For sale ONE DAY ONLY (Black Friday,) and LIMITED TO ONE PER CUSTOMER.

Go to the “Store” tab of this website, or click HERE to purchase.

53 cards total, 52 cards plus one signature card. Every card illustrated. Card measurement 3 inches x 4.5 inches.

Back design that goes all the way to borders.

Heavy card stock, very light card coating. Easily bendable. Image detail = outstanding.


  • Patty says:

    I received this deck for Christmas – I’m trying to get a hold of Ana but the “contact Ana” below does not work – The cards are beautiful but when I got to the 2 clubs it has a tear – I’m hoping it can be replaced – God bless my husband for gifting me the deck – just too much money and not good for my collection with the tear:(

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