Movie Themes and the Coming Age of the Supernatural

I went to see a movie at the theatre last night, got there nice and early and was able to take in all the different ads and previews. I was struck, as I have been before, by the the pervading theme of the supernatural. So much about young people possessing powers of different sorts and mystical journeys of one kind or another. The feeling is obviously upon us, and what we imagine is truly a preview of what will appear before us.

I love the quote from Navajo’s Blog that says Technology is not the sign of an advanced civilization… it’s the sign of a civilization about to advance. To me this speaks volumes. At this point in time we have so many amazing technological toys. The speed at which we can access information and communication is mind blowing and increasing daily. Need I elaborate? The point is that at this time we see these abilities as being accessed by technology outside of ourselves, but we ourselves are a computer and we have these abilities within ourselves. This is the next small but monolithic jump we must make in our consciousness. No need for cell towers, that dratted at&t bill, internet, ethernet, blah, blah, blah – that is, until we realize it is all already within us and it is this reason alone that enables us to create it outside of us.

Young people are so much better at computers than the older generations. They already think like a computer, are wired like a computer themselves and take to technology very naturally. Their psychic abilities are just beneath the surface and they will live out these movie scenarios in their very own 3-D (or should I say 4-D or 5-D?) reality. No free glasses required!! Older generations will experience these kinds of breakthroughs as well, but did not come into this life with the same preparation or abilities as the youngsters, and will not have the same role within this dimensional shift. Our job was slightly different, as we came in earlier in the transition and will exit slightly sooner. We were door openers and met with much more resistance along our paths than the newer generations will experience.

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