Madame Nadia and Ana in the Halloween / Samhain 2022 Special Edition of “It’s Not Tarot”

Join Madame Nadia and Ana Cortez in this Special 2022 Halloween Edition of “It’s Not Tarot,” Live on October 27.
Listen in as we talk almost everything! From Hoodoo, to Connecting with Ancestors, Cartomancy, Mindset Sorcery, Halloween and Samhain rituals, and so much MORE.

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  • Les Boumans says:

    Dear Ana & Nadia,
    …. this 27th of October 2022 …. is such a special gift to us, the listeners, or the card drawers (or both)…. or for someone just passing by … a really lovely and thoughtful Samhain & Halloween gift. (I only had time today to be able to check in and listen to ALL you had to say to one another, and to us!! Thank You Both !! It was really interesting and the both of you wandered quite a few miles in the time given us. I enjoyed having this time with you both so much. Given me much to think about too. Wishing you both a very Happy Halloween today, and dear Ana Happy trails on your Holiday, much deserved!! KIndest regards and LOVE to you both, Les XXX2

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