Lock and Key Cards: True Alchemy in Card Reading

ALWAYS remember, cards when combined CREATE THINGS. Like castles in the ethers around your cards. It is the magic we must seek in our readings. Finding what’s NOT on the table. Beyond what the physical eyes can see. Beyond individual card meanings. A great reading is never the sum of it’s individual members. Here is the magic formula: 2 plus 2 does NOT equal 4.

In the example pictured below, for example, we can see the two Queens synergizing, creating something bigger/ different than the sum of their parts. They are “lock and key.” (Read the caption under photo for more about this specific card combination.)

My dad referred to the Queen created by the presence of both the Queen of Hearts (Water) and the Queen of Spades (Earth) as “The Fifth Queen.” Laddy wrote poetry about it. There is no such card in the deck, and yet she fully exists. She is CREATED by a specific combination of cards. She has characteristics present in NEITHER the Queen of Hearts nor the Queen of Spades. She is invisible but fully present.


how to read card combinations like this Water Queen and Earth Queen (from The Playing Card Oracles) as Lock and Key to go beyond ordinary interpretation

Queen of Water combined with Queen of Earth. Water, ABSORBING Earth. Earth. Saturating Water. Together, SEEDS which have lain dormant for one million years begin to Sprout, with the exact proper amount of each. The Queen of Spades and the Queen Hearts TOGETHER in the same layout  are lock and key. They unlock potentials and create something YOU CAN’T SEE by the individual cards, and will miss 100% if you are looking at individual card meanings and calling that the sum of your reading.

This is one MINUSCULE example.

In my experience, ALL spreads have some measure of this kind of invisible presence. The best, most powerful spreads have HUGE auras of invisible presence around them. This is the goal.

To perceive it.

It’s not magic, but it is. It’s science at it’s best.

Here is another example. Imagine what the individual ingredients of flour, yeast, water and fire create. If each of these ingredients was a separate card on your card reading table, you would need to be able to see that together they are no longer flour, yeast, water and fire. There is in fact nothing resembling any of these once they combine together. They create something completely different: bread. There is no card for “bread,” and yet it is there. The ingredients themselves disappear and only bread remains. And if you insisted on reading the individual card meanings for flour, yeast, water and fire and reciting them until the end of time you would never see the bread until you change your thinking.

So now I leave you with a great task. FIND THIS IN YOUR CARDS. Find it in EVERY SPREAD. Some spreads make difficult to digest invisible meals. Others are exquisite feasts set for Kings and Queens. 2 plus 2 does NOT equal 4.


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