The “It’s Not Tarot” Show: 

Join the new LIVE show, listen in on different cartomancy topics, ask the Oracle your question (!), and see the playing cards in action!

“It’s Not Tarot” Live S
hows are now ON HOLD until further notice.

Stay tuned for updates and check out the previously recorded shows on Youtube .



The “Oracle Tide” New Moon 🌒 Gathering:

Join the LIVE gathering, enter into sacred ceremony 🕯 with your own “New Moon 4-card draw,” practice and learn interpretation techniques within a dedicated group. 


These happen each New Moon, and the schedule is as follows:


Tuesday – October 25, 2022 – 7 pm (MDT) to 8 pm

Wednesday – November 23, 2022 – NO GATHERING IN OBSERVANCE OF HOLIDAY


Saturday – January 21, 2022 – 7 pm (MST) to 8 pm  SPECIAL GEOMANCY GATHERING PART 1

Monday – February 20, 2022 – 7 pm (MST) to 8 pm  SPECIAL GEOMANCY GATHERING PART 2

Tuesday – March 21, 2022 – 7 pm (MST) to 8 pm  SPECIAL GEOMANCY GATHERING PART 3


Other Time Zones: Click HERE to find out your specific time in your time zone. (Meetings take place in Denver, Colorado time zone.)

The “Oracle Tide” gatherings do not go LIVE on Youtube, but are sometimes posted there later as recorded events.

If you want to join and participate, go through Zoom at the time indicated in the schedule above.  Click “Join a Meeting,” then enter the Meeting ID and Passcode:

Zoom Meeting ID: 926 029 4262

Zoom Passcode: oracle52

Preparation Instructions for the 4-card draw to prepare for this event are:



The New Moon is a powerful time to ask of your Oracles questions of any nature, but… for the “Oracle Tide” we synchronize our question together as a group, then bring the cards drawn to the gathering . The instructions are as follows:

On the day of the meeting (the New Moon,) prior to the gathering:

1. Clear your mind. Do not impose anything that is going on for you on your cards.

2. Be specific in the wording of the question. The question we are synchronizing with as a group is: “What do I need to see for the coming Lunar Month, for myself as well as for the collective.”

3. Focus on the question above as you shuffle and then draw 4 cards, using a 52-card playing deck or a “Playing Card Oracles” deck.


See You There!!  ♥️


** ALL LIVE ONLINE EVENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE AT THIS TIME. We are grateful for your donation!


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