Light and Love Box Review – The Lunar Ritual Box Kit

Immediate connection between myself, Jo and Tracy :-))

Meeting the Founders and the Boxes!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the creators of the Light and Love Box, Tracy and Jo, at the INATS Trade Show for Conscious Living in Denver, CO. The connection was immediate and palpable to us all! Right away it was clear I had to experience the Light & Love Box for myself. I mean, a ritual box for Lunar Cycles?? This was made for me!

So I traveled home from the trade show with a Light & Love Box in hand, awaiting the next lunar cycle and excited to experience Tracy and Jo’s magical offering. The New Moon came, and I was feeling super swamped with work but making time for the ceremony was not optional. I needed it!

Immediate connection!

The Light & Love Box Calls:

It was still within the first week of the new lunar cycle and the Light & Love Box was gently but persistently calling my name. It was finally time! Just opening the box felt super magical, super special and very sacred. The ceremony was already beginning! Yummy smells lofted into the air as I carefully began exploring the contents.

The level of care, attention to detail and mindfulness with which this box was created was obvious. And I felt the box itself was inviting me to proceed in the same spirit. No rushing allowed!

The magic of the Light & Love Box was already going to work on me. Just downshifting into a less hurried, more nurturing state of mind was making space for the transformative “me time” I was in such sore need of. 

So, with this “downshift”, it actually took me a couple of sessions, over a three day period, to complete my time with the box and all the goodies and ritual tips inside. And what a luxurious time it was!

Opening the box for the first time and greeted by a special message!

The Ritual:

It started with a heartfelt and insightful video conversation between Tracy and Jo (they have their own Youtube channel), specific to the theme of the box I had chosen. A journaling exercise, that opened up so much juicy self insight for me, was soon to follow.

The next session with the Light & Love Box was the ritual itself, and I was so happy that the particular box I had chosen was centered around bathing. Amazing!! Sights, sounds, smells, and other delights were skillfully woven into poignant focus points that connected to the video and my journaling. Written cards from within the box provided helpful stepping stones.

I hadn’t made time like this for myself in what seemed like a long time!

Well, my bathtub, and my whole bathroom actually, was a beautiful mess afterward. There were bath soaked herbs and flowers stuck all over the inside of my tub, and Japanese incense, select crystals, a special candle, and other treasures arranged into alter spaces on the counters. I left everything just the way the ritual ended. I wanted it all to linger – to be able to walk into the bathroom and re-enter somehow what had already taken place.

First alter space, complete with personal objects, Doors of Somlipith deck and Light and Love Box.

New Horizons

Now as I write, I have just placed my first order for the Subscription Light and Love Box,* and I can’t wait now for the Full Moon! I am excited to see how this ritual box will dovetail with the New Moon card and ceremonial work I am already involved in (The “Oracle Tide.”) I can already feel the deepening connection to the Lunar Cycle through the combination – basically, a personal practice for both New Moon and Full Moon, every cycle.

Yay! And I’m so very much looking forward to meeting with the creators again in Denver, at the Body Mind Spirit Expo, Sept 22 – 24, 2023. Here, on the Equinox, we’ll take another step forward in our enchanted collaboration. Stay tuned! And if you happen to be at the Expo, please stop by and say hello! Light and Love Box will be at booth #282. 

Tracy and myself at INATS Trade Show, connecting over a “Doors of Somlipith” card layout.

* Light and Love Box has both “Manifestation Boxes” as well as “Subscription Boxes“. Manifestation boxes you choose according to theme, and what you want to make manifest in your life. It is suggested to time your Manifestation Ceremony with the phase of the lunar cyclethat supports your intention. Outlined very nicely inside the box.
Subscription boxes, on the other hand, are created for each specific Lunar Cycle, and recommended to do on the Full Moon. So each Full Moon you get to experience a new Light and Love Box ritual, made special for that lunar cycle. I like that the website gives you the option to purchase monthly or yearly.


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