How to Communicate with the Dead

Just completed a workshop on Soul Retrieval and Exploring the Afterlife with Author Bruce Moen. And WOW. Just WOW. We met in the conference room of a Marriott and proceeded to have palpable and verifiable encounters with those who have passed on. Or as Bruce likes to put it, with “dead people.”

Leave out the woo woo

I love Bruce’s down to earth, let’s be real style. Amazingly he’s an engineer by profession, and this gives him an interesting and refreshing approach. In fact there were a number of engineers there attending and that made for an unexpected collection of seemingly straight-edged individuals ready to dive in to this far out topic.

But with Bruce it all just feels so normal. In fact Bruce claims he is not special in any way in his amazing abilities but insists that the thing that sets him apart is his curiosity. And he claims that’s all a person needs to learn his techniques and explore the realms where people who have passed on apparently hang out. He really does break it all down so wonderfully, into common sense ideas and exercises, all the while asking you to believe nothing and continually verify, verify, verify, everything.

Bruce Moen Afterlife Workshop Colorado on How to Communicate with the Dead

Meet Bruce.

You can do it too

There is a common misconception that only a special few can communicate with the deceased. That you’re either touched by the gift or you’re not. Maybe the truth is closer to just not having a clue about how to initiate the contact. Maybe just closing your eyes, lighting a candle, and asking a spirit to flicker a light is not enough to do the trick for most people.

Our fearless workshop leader had begun his own quest at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. Based on the work of out-of-body pioneer Robert Monroe, Bruce had begun with only his desire and his curiosity. He jokes about how he had NO experiences whatsoever in the beginning. He would be hooked up to all the special devices and doing the tried-and-true techniques of the institute and saw and heard nothing. Zero. In fact, he was convinced others who were going on about the amazing experiences they were having were making everything up.

So Bruce’s teaching includes all those things that he himself used to get past the personal obstacles he encountered along his own journey, no technology required. He uses a unique method he refers to as “focused attention,” that allows you to sit in a chair and make contact with spirit guides and those who have passed on. He helps you identify and work with your own obstacles, from limiting beliefs, fear, perceptual issues, and more. He guides you with confidence and experience through anything that comes up, including when nothing at all comes up.

Jacksons Honest Sweet Potato Chips. Food for contacting the deceased. lol

My dinner = 2 bags chips in hotel room. All I could manage after exciting but exhausting 2nd day of workshop.

To be of service, here and there

Communicating with the deceased has lots of benefits and can actually be incredibly useful, as Bruce says, both “here” and “there.” It’s of use “here” because contacting the deceased can provide needed comfort for loved ones left behind, and can help people move on past their grief. It also gives us living folk less fear about what happens after we die, and helps people feel more at peace about their own inevitable passing. These are no small matters.

It helps “there” because sometimes there are reasons deceased people benefit from earthly contact. There can be information they want to pass on, for example. But it seems that one of the biggest benefits to connecting with the afterlife happens because sometimes the deceased get stuck. They get stuck close to the earthly plane and a little intervention can help them move on. This can happen for lots of reasons, but one of the most common is that some people literally do not realize they have died. They can pass so suddenly, for example, they can be unaware they have passed, existing in a timeless reality of their own making, much as in a dream.

Take the woman who was standing on a city curb waiting for the bus. She had her back to the street, engaged in a conversation with someone else who was waiting for the bus. As she absentmindedly took a step backward, she stepped off the curb. A passing car hit her and actually dragged her body down the road. That woman was still at the curb waiting for the bus, decades later. The afterlife explorer who found her was able to engage in conversation with her, ask her her name, what year it was, and other details that could perhaps be verified. They were able to enter her attention and eventually introduce her to help that could escort her to the next level of her journey. Or as they say in the movies, “Go to the light!”

Adorable and amazing workshop organizer, Author Patricia Walker.

Adorable and amazing workshop organizer, Author Patricia Walker. Her website is

No shortcuts, sorry

To try and summarize Bruce’s technique would be unfair to the process. Actually completely impossible anyway. Bruce teaches with lots of personal stories and experience, at the heart of which are wonderfully practical exercises and advice. It is something you take and practice, practice, practice.

Everyone at the workshop I attended had some sort of verifiable experience over the weekend with someone who had passed, amazing as that may sound. And it was amazing. And I am smiling as I write. There is something that just makes me feel happy, knowing that the afterlife DOES exist and knowing that I have the ability to connect with it, while I am here in the flesh. All I need is my own curiosity. 🙂

If you want to learn more, I highly recommend all of Bruce’s books, including The Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook, A Manual for the Art of Retrieval & Afterlife Exploration which details his method.

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  • Arne Salisch says:

    I totally agree with you. I have visted a workshop with Bruce 10 years ago in Berlin, and I am still impressed…

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