Lady Cards- Don’t Read Courts Until You See This

Lady Cards Cartomancy Ladies cards of number 10

There are certainly a lot of mysteries in cards. Perhaps one of the juiciest we will explore in this video.

Have you ever noticed something curious about cards of the number 10? How it’s the only card in the deck that has double digits but isn’t dressed up as a Court? Why is that?

Well, it all begins to unravel when we stumble upon a sermon written in the year 1377.
Watch this video and discover the shocking secrets of cards of the number 10 and the mysterious Lady cards, somehow missing from history.

Your card reading practice will never be the same. This video is Part 1 of 3. See Part 2 HERE. Part 3 coming soon. Stay tuned.
Featured: the cartomancy Lady cards from The Doors of Somlipith book and card set.

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