THE JOURNEY VS. THE DESTINATION – the Feb/March 2015 Forecast

JUST PUSH THE PLAY BUTTON ABOVE TO LISTEN TO THE FORECAST. This latest “Oracle Speak” forecast is for the lunar cycle beginning FEB. 18th, 2015 and continuing through MAR, 17th, 2015. This is a SOCIAL month, a time to cultivate and just enjoy the relationships in your life. Although it may not feel like much is getting accomplished, that’s not what this lunar cycle is about. It is a cauldron of ideas that will impact things a bit further down the road.

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The top and bottom cards from the calendar spread always have added significance.

The top and bottom cards from the calendar spread always have added significance.

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the lunar month, as depicted by the new "Alchemy Edition," deck.

the lunar month, as depicted by the new “Alchemy Edition,” deck.

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Music in this Podcast is “Mystical Trance” by Anugama, and “Raven Medicine” by Byron Metcalf.
THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, and have a completely COSMIC Lunar month!! And remember, when you ALIGN, you FLY!!




  • Christina says:

    Hi Anna.
    As I listened to your podcast today, I realized how in conjunction it is with our life right now. My youngest daughter, pregnant with our 9th grandchild, just informed us that she needs to move back in.
    So, as I looked at the cards and listened to what you had to say, I saw the bridge and the Queen of Diamonds as my daughter starting a whole new path and my husband and I as being those people who are destined, at this time, to help her to the more pleasant side of the bridge. There will certainly be many hands in our small kitchen and, though it will be trying at times, I will think about this reading you have done and will remember to ENJOY!
    Thank you for your insight!

    • ana says:

      Hi Christina,
      Thanks for your feedback. I love how you are looking at the cards for yourself, interpreting and applying them to your own life. It seems one of the best ways to use the podcast is to see how our life reflects the larger energetic, allowing us to surrender more deeply on a day to day basis. Thanks for listening and have a great lunar month!

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