Help! I’m Dreaming!

Here I am in Santa Fe, in my lovely casa fria. Hardly anything has gotten done around here. You see, I’m helpless in the grip of anew card reading – a combination between a “game” and a reading given in a dream on Thanksgiving morning.
Still within it’s hazy grasp, I woke from the dream and grabbed my deck of cards from the bedside table – laying out cards in formation on the sheets. It was a gigantic spread (36 cards) and I knew if I did not lay them out then and there the game would be lost. I lay back down after a time (it was a holiday after all!), closed my eyes and re-entered the feeling of the dream. Forgotten nuances tippy toed back into my conscious mind. Still there were holes – questions regarding the spread. It seemed I was given the most important points and the rest was for me to piece together, like a puzzle with multiple layers.
It’s been a week now, and cards swirl ’round in my head on a daily basis. No, this is not unusual for me, but it has turned from a manageable flurry to a down-right blizzard. “Oh well!” said Alice (or is my name Ana?), “The world can wait. After all, it is cold outside and I like my house good and messy.”

The layout can be seen on Youtube:

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