The Great Time Hijack – Calendars, Cards, and the Awakening

Chart of Natural Time in Playing Cards from the book The Playing Card Oracles by Ana Cortez and CJ Freeman

“People have been fascinated with playing cards the world over for many centuries, but it is perhaps largely unconscious as to exactly why we’re so drawn to them. The truth is, we really haven’t known what to do with playing cards but sit and play games – games that have nothing to do with the calendar that is in the cards, that have nothing to do with the actual structure of the deck itself.

It’s interesting that there is not one single game that uses the natural calendar in the cards. The only game I know of that uses time, or a calendar, is the game of prophecy. It is my firm conviction that playing cards as we call them now were actually created for something much more prophetic in nature, as a mystical device.”

Click for Free PDF Download of Jose Arguelles and Valum Votum’s book, “Stopping Time”, as featured in the video.

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