Geomancy with Cards – The Creation of Figures

Playing cards create geomantic figures.

Read that statement again.

Playing cards CREATE geomantic figures.

For centuries, card reading with playing cards and divinatory geomancy have existed side-by-side, like twins separated at birth that no one noticed actually belonged together. The odd and even numbers of playing cards, as well as the black and red colors, are ready-made to calculate geomantic figures. Just as the ancients would tally a figure from the stars in the sky or stones on the ground, there is NO NEED FOR SPECIAL GEOMANCY CARDS. The fun, after all, is in the CREATION.

This is one of the hidden secrets in ordinary cards, and one of the truly brilliant discoveries of my late father, CJ Freeman – a ground breaking contribution to the field of cartomancy.

Want to give amazing readings with playing cards that create mystical geomantic figures for your clients? If you are already practicing geomancy, or if you aren’t (!), you will want to check out this video.

This video is actually a follow up to a previously published video on youtube, Intro to Geomancy with Cards. The information in both of these videos is covered in “The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination,” and The Doors of Somlipith, A New Dimension in Card Reading. Both including real life examples and worksheets so you can practice and check your work.
And always remember, no need for ready-made geomantic cards: THE MAGIC is in THE CREATION of the Geomantic Figures. THANKS FOR WATCHING! :-))

UPDATE 2023! We’re doing a 3-Part Geomantic Series in the Oracle Tide Live Meetings, January, February, and March of 2023. Details in the Newsletter and in the Playing Card Oracles Discord! Please join us! 

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