EGO – the Plague of the Inspired

Once again I am reminded of the inherent danger in bringing through the light. So many of us today are “light workers,” whether we think of ourselves that way or not. Creative people, people who bring messages of transformation and inspiration that are cutting edge, are all what I am terming this way. And there are SO many of us, that have so much to bring, so much light to shed, and yet so many pitfalls to beware…

The pitfall I mention today is EGO. Ego is so common among light workers, and so horribly distasteful. And let’s admit, it’s easy to take credit for what you are bringing, when actually it’s not you at all! How critical it is to remember that as a bringer of light, YOU ARE A FACILITATOR for something greater than your individual personality. YOU ARE NOT THE SOURCE. YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE SOURCE, AS DO WE ALL.

Think of the first cave man who figured out how to control fire. He probably impressed a whole bunch of other cave men with his ability to put fire on the end of a stick and wave it around. He maybe even let it go to his head. But then others figured out they could do the same. The fire is the cool thing, the cave man is the facilitator. Only nature, only the greater intelligence of the universe is something we reserve righteous awe for.

And let’s be clear. Self esteem is one thing. Ego is completely different. Self esteem helps facilitate the flow of inspiration, ego clogs it like a big gnarly hair ball. And humility is such a nice quality among those who would be our leaders, don’t ya think? It’s intelligent to be humble.

All this reminds me of the card in The Playing Card Oracles Deck, “Dango.” Dango is the Jack in the suit of Diamonds, the suit associated with Fire. Fire is the light we bring, ego is how the un-adept wields it. It is the warning associated with this card.

I like how this image in the original edition of the Playing Card Oracles shows Dango on a tight rope. To me this is the rope we each walk as we balance inspiration with humility, and the moment we give in to ego is the moment we fall.
J Diamonds2

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