Card Reading Made Easy – Look for Heart Suit in Questions of Love

Suits are one of the quickest ways to size up a reading. Is your question about love? Look for Hearts. How about money? Look for Diamonds. A new job? That’s easy! Look for Spades. And questions about communication, wishes, and dreams, look for Clubs.

Most questions fall into the Heart suit category. So if your question involves love and relationship, and no Heart cards show up, that’s a big message as well. Missing suits can speak as loudly as the suits that are present.

Now not all cartomancy systems agree on suit meanings, but I think the Heart suit is pretty universal. Stick with the suit meanings for whatever system you are working with. The meanings given here are for The Playing Card Oracles way of working with cards, and in that system individual card meanings and images go along with suit meaning and element. So DEFINITELY I do not recommend switching anything around.

Check out the new deck in the video HERE.


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