AMAZING True Ouija Board Story – Future Predictions and Meeting a Future Version of Yourself

Ouija really CAN work. Here is the unbelievable true story told by author Zoe7, about how he received future preditions, intricate poetry, and came to understand he was actually meeting HIMSELF from the future. HOW COOL IS THAT???

Click to PLAY and LISTEN to the 9 minute audio:

Zoe7 interview Ouija Board

Remember kids, Ouija is a SERIOUS TOOL and not a game! In the full interview Zoe7 talks about how the tool itself is NEUTRAL, right? The paper game board and plastic planchette are not the magic, in other words. The magic is in YOU. With that being said, play SMART.

Don’t invite just any spirit to come move the game piece. This would be like standing in the middle of a New York City sidewalk blindfolded and asking anyone to come into conversation with you, or even take control of your bodily muscles. Remember, just because someone is disembodied doesn’t mean it’s going to be cool to talk to them or have them move the planchette. Spirits are all types, just like people are all types, and it’s good to PICK YOUR FRIENDS!

ALWAYS specify!! Use boundaries! Use your instincts!! Just like you normally would!!! State the Obvious!! Say something like, “I wish only to communicate with someone who has ONLY MY HIGHEST AND BEST INTERESTS at Heart. No others are welcome in this session!”

Don’t be afraid of Ouija! Obviously, Zoe7 would not have had the cool experiences he did if he had been afraid. And obviously, Zoe had the right intentions going into his sessions. i.e., not just fooling around, but trying to sincerely learn something about himself, about the nature of reality, etc… If these are your true wishes, you will do fine! and remember, never EVER fool around with the OUIJA, or ANY OTHER SPIRIT COMMUNICATION TOOLS.

If you have a Ouija experience you would like to share, please do so in the comments below! :-))

(Check out FULL INTERVIEW (on youtube) with Zoe7 where he talks about his Ayahuasca experience with David Icke and ufo’s, Lucid Dreaming super powers, and MORE. Also, check out Zoe7’s book, Back from the Void, where he discusses his outstanding Ouija experiences in more detail, including the poetry received through the Ouija board.)

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