2012 and Your Card Reading Practice

(This post is a reprint from my May 2010 archives. Worth repeating.)

When speaking about preparation for 2012 I get interesting responses from different people. For some, no preparation is required at all. It is just another trip to the movies. For others, it is about stock piling food and supplies for some kind of apocalyptic scenario. And yet what is at the heart of this looming date?

2012 was calculated by the Mayan and other ancient civilizations and prophets as a time of great shift: The end of an old world and the beginning of a new. Chaos is foretold as familiar societal and planetary structures crumble, giving way to new, higher frequencies.
Whether you believe the prophecies or not, we can at least concede these are strange times, indeed. Global events are accelerating and intensifying as we enter a period of climate change, gigantic solar storms, and societal destabilization. What the new form of things will be as we become acclimatized to this vibratory makeover has yet to be seen and creates a feeling of unrest as we anticipate the unknown. Never before has such a transition as this been seen on our dear planet.
So back to the question of preparation…. And why oh why am I talking about this on a blog dedicated to the infinitely more simple (seemingly!) topic of Card Reading????
As we transition into a time of what Mayan Shamans are referring to as “the Fifth Age,” the best and truly only preparation is one of frequency preparation. Once you give yourself the rub-down energetically, you will also be in tune with your own guidance, intuition, and natural, God-given GPS system. You will know what to do and when to do it.
What is your practice for energy alignment? Do you do it every day? How can card reading be incorporated into this?

Surprisingly enough, the Playing Cards were created in accordance with natural and powerful energetic codes. The same energetics that the Mayans understood and used to create their calendar and calculate the year 2012.
I plan to make some sort of comparison chart to map this all out, but here are a few of the basics: The Mayan Calendar wheel is based on 52 year cycles and it is on these cycles that the year 2012 was predicted. 52 is the total number of cards in the playing deck and has been for as far back as we can trace it (before Tarot, which was an alteration of the original deck.)
There were 13 months to the Mayan (logical when you remember there are 13 lunar cycles in one solar cycle) and also 13 number Gods or “13 bearers of numbers.” Accordingly, there are exactly 13 cards or numbers in each suit of the playing cards (Ace thru King.) 13 cards in each of 4 suits = 52, the same as 13 lunar cycles each of 4 weeks and 4 seasons each of 13 weeks = 52 weeks in the year. Now we begin to understand why the numbers 52, 13, and 4 were sacred.
To the Mayan, the world was conceived as a great square with four directions, four “bearers of the year,” or four Gods. The playing deck too, is a “great square,” divided evenly into four suits that also correspond to the four directions, the four seasons of the year, and the four elements of nature. The Mayan were Masters of observation and conceived the nature of time as manifold circles, all meshing together perfectly as intricate cogs in some sort of mind-blowing clock.
I am not saying the deck is Mayan. I am not saying it is the same as the Mayan Calendar. It is, however; like the Mayan calendar in that it is a work of art based upon the observation of the natural world and the rhythms within it. And it is this that we must return to.
In the pursuit of true spirituality and our own personal destiny, we must eventually shake the dust off of the knowledge of who we are. Try as we might, we will never be able to make ourselves into what we are not. The only thing awaiting us is The Return.
So this is how the study of your Playing Deck can become a part of your own sacred preparation for the accelerated frequencies making their way to planet Earth. It is a practice in alignment, a sacred study of natural frequency codes that the moon, sun, and seasons must dance to, and so must we. In this practice, we undertake nothing less than the reintegration and healing of our collectively scattered soul, a sacred meditation on crystalline structures put into card form. Now is the Time.
As I mentioned in my related video, hang out with your Playing Cards and look at them as if you’ve never seen them before – as if you knew they were a book of knowledge, and watch the secrets unfold 🙂
P.S. Get the book! What are you waiting for? (The Playing Card Oracles)


  • Shaheen Miro says:

    I found this post and the video to be very fascinating. I love your explanation for the upcoming shift that we are experiencing. I have told people many times in my own readings that this is just a shift and change in consciousness and that 2012 is going to make us more “psychic”.

    I also love your advice on “hanging out” with the cards. I have been doing that more and more. Tarot cards have been a part of my life since I was a small child and I have loved exploring them and other systems. Most recently I have been exploring your deck and the accompanying book. Both are amazing!

    I was a little hesitant at first about the deck because of the elemental assignments and how that differs from the tarot, but your deck, the images and the wisdom you offer in the book flow amazingly. I have really discovered a lot. I sit and play with them daily and the stories they weave are fantastic.

    I read a post earlier today by Mary K. Greer and I thought of you. You should go check it out because it really gives a lot of historical information about the playing cards that I think you would love. http://marygreer.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/moralization-of-the-deck-of-cards-part-2%E2%80%94cards-spiritualized/

    All the best!

    • Ana says:

      Hi Shaheen,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. So happy to hear you are “hanging out” with your cards and they are responding so well for you. One of my favorite aspects of card reading is that we get to “play” again, as we did as children, making up stories and entering a world where Spirit can communicate with us.
      Thank you for the link and the bit of history, stories and beautiful card illustrations 🙂
      –Ana C.

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