November 2016 Forecast: “Magical Beings Who Have Forgotten Our Magic”





November Forecast Playing Card Oracles

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NEW Deck coming Soon!! Stay tuned!

Mind blowing new deck coming soon!! Stay tuned!

To find out how to use the Oracles for yourself, get the Playing Card Oracles eBook.  Get your own copy of the Oracle Deck used in the Forecast HERE, and learn with video, quizes, and reading assignments in Ana’s new Oracle School.

The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination

The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination

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THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, and Blessings for your Lunar month!!




  • Les Boumans says:

    Dear Ana, after my ups and downs and your invaluable help this month, I was finally able to listen to the November issue of Oracle Speak. My oh my ….. the accuracy of this particular draw is amazing. Almost like you drew the cards especially for me and in my current mindwhirl in this particular moment in time !! We used to say it was “gobsmacking ” if something really extraordinary had happened, well this draw and explanation of yours really deserves this title! How amazing! This isn’t the first time that I’ve experienced this when you have done a draw for the month. Just shows how in touch you are with the cards, the events going on around you, and how well you can voice it all. Very well done and my deep thanks to you as I’m finally starting on my journey, having enrolled in your online course too. MAGICCC dear lady and my many THANKKKSSSS, your friend Les:) XXX

    • ana says:

      Dear Les,
      Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback! And so happy the forecast “gobsmacked” you! This one really got me, too! Helps me just knowing whatever is happening to me, all is in order on some level! and that others are sharing it :-))
      Thanks again for your comment. Look forward to hearing more from you on your journey! <3

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