FINALLY! C.J. Freeman’s “Madame Zo,” emerges from the archives

The Heroine of Our Story :-)) She needs a COVER!
Madame Zo Chapter 1 Dominocus by C.J. Freeman

“Dominocus,” Chapter One of “The Picture Book of Madame Zo, Chapters in an Imaginary Life.” Artwork by Ana Cortez.

If you are familiar with C.J. Freeman’s work, it is probably through his ideas and illustrations for unusual oracle playing cards. As a self taught, “outsider” artist, C.J.’s work has been stretching minds and expanding boundaries in the world of art, card reading and card collecting since his first deck of images was published in 2002.

Now we learn of another facet of C.J.’s seemingly boundless reach: the novel. If you have read “The Playing Card Oracles,” which features C.J.’s visual art, you no doubt have also stumbled on his short literary excerpts sprinkled throughout the narrative.  C.J. was an English major at the University of Boulder, Colorado, and continued to be as prolific at writing as he was at illustration.

Perhaps C.J.’s defining feature as a creative personality is not only the occult themes which weave in and out of his work, but also his cornerstone ability to surprise us. And “The Picture Book of Madame Zo,” does not disappoint. In fact, C.J. claimed that this book was not written by him at all, but by a woman who lived inside his head. It is the first person account of a black woman from New Orleans, and is indeed, full of surprises.

photo of Madame Zo corners cropped

The woman inside C.J.’s head, Madame Zo.

This book is being released in chapters, as each chapter is complete story in itself, at least to some extent. Each chapter brings a new adventure to our character’s unfolding, and leaves the reader thirsting for more.

As C.J.’s daughter, it has been my intent ever since his passing in 2010 to get this literary adventure published. Written around 1982-3, here it FINALLY is!! FOR ONE WEEK, this first chapter download will be completely free, after that you can find it in the STORE for 99 cents. Subsequent chapters will be released separately and at indeterminate intervals. Check the store for current availabilities :=)))

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