“Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” predicted and confirmed by Oracles

Hear how the Oracles predicted the April 11, 2014 announcement of the authentication of what is now being called “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife.”
Author and “Oracle Priestess” Ana Cortez summarizes the forecast from her live podcast just a week and a half before the announcement, which further authenticates the papyrus’s claims that Jesus had a wife, and that Mary was a disciple.
Hear the actual forecast and see photos of the Oracle cards drawn live during the show that Ana talks about in this video HERE.

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    2 Responses to ““Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” predicted and confirmed by Oracles”

    1. kycady April 13, 2014 at 4:44 pm #

      I see the connection Ana! Wonderful!


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      […] Above is the previous month’s Oracle layout, which I  follow up on in this month’s show. Also a video with more can be seen HERE.  […]

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