Ho’oponopono Guided Audio

There is a lot of talk about Ho’oponopono lately, but how do you actually do it? How do you get the results? Here in a simple yet potent presentation, Author Ana Cortez leads you through the Ho’oponopono process, that you can use every day, for every situation in your life. Use this audio for free every day and see what happens!
Ho’oponopono done properly, has the power to completely transform your life, and ultimately, the world. This is because Ho’oponopono is directed at cause, at the energy that actually creates and perpetuates our experiences.

butterfly wings
Ho’oponopono is part of a daily energetic hygiene routine. With all of us doing Ho’oponopono together, the power of this practice is multiplied exponentially. Listen to the guided audio Ho’oponopono all the way through to the end, and receive your important energetic assignment.
Also see Ana’s article on the Ho’oponopono practice, The Real Ho’oponopono.
Also, this audio is available through Ana’s “Oracle Speak” Podcast series at itunes and stitcher.


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