Exploring Past Lives to Free Your Present Reality

Exploring Past Lives with Ana Cortez

Next class begins Feb. 22, 2017, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Register HERE.

Exploring Past Lives is the unwinding of a greater picture of oneself, much like traveling a labyrinth. For me, it has been a slow “reveal,” giving not only clues about why I am having the experiences I am in this lifetime, but actually resurrecting full on memories that give incredible depth and back story to everyday experiences.

For myself, I began to stumble upon what I could identify as my own past lives quite unexpectedly. After years of intensive work on my own spirituality (but not particularly directed to anything past life,) a new genre of dreams began to appear. In these dreams I was literally escorted through lives that were intimately familiar to me yet entirely foreign to my current life. And these sporadic experiences not only left me with a tremendous sense of wonder, but things about me began to make more “sense.”

And then at a certain point I began to have TONS of past life dreams.  It is though the cork had come off the bottle. I felt like I was running a marathon, trying to keep up with the vivid memories that came pouring in each night.

And then it stopped, more or less. Now it seems I am doing something different with my dream life, but I can say that I feel those other lifetimes inside of me, as if my waking consciousness has merged with those other aspects of myself. And I feel empowered. More whole.

And they aren’t glamorous memories. I wasn’t Queen Nefertiti or Cleopatra or anything really identifiable to my ego. And I like that about them. They are important to me and truly fascinating just because honestly, life is fascinating. They live inside me as poetic, intricate stories that resonate with my identity.

So now I have put together a group class, combining techniques and tools gathered from my own experiences as well as from exposure to numerous teachings over the many years (lifetimes, lol!) This allows each participant to find their own very personal way through the fascinating unfolding that is Past Life Exploration.

I would love to join you in this life changing journey. Next class begins Feb. 22, 2017, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Register HERE.

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