New Year’s is just around the corner, and I’m thinking of what I wish for in 2014. It is a perfect time for self reflection, and I want to clarify my intentions for my life, as well as for the world. And I want to imbue those intentions with energy.

I have a personal alter, filled with images and objects that help bring me back to the sacred spaces within me. One of the things on my alter is Playing Cards. Playing Cards are filled with meaning for me, and I use them to symbolize my wishes and dreams.

Goddess alter cards

Court cards are the people in my life, sometimes they represent different aspects of myself. The lower numbered cards are the circumstances and events in my life. I follow the meanings as I laid them out in my published book, The Playing Card Oracles (ebook version is FREE).

So instead of the typical way of using cards for a reading, in essence saying something like, “Oh please cards, tell me what will happen to me,” I turn the tables. I fan through the deck and consciously choose which cards I want to represent my will. I create a picture of my dreams using the magical symbolism of the cards. I affirm myself as cause, rather than effect. And then I place these cards on my alter, energizing them with the presence of a burning candle, crystals, and images of the goddess which resonate with my true spiritual identity.

Copy me, please! Steal these ideas and imbue your own clarified intentions with energy and power. And remember, intentions that work in harmony with the peaceful, loving nature of the universe beckon the forces of all that is to make them into visible reality.


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