PREDICTIONS from the Playing Card Oracle Priestess, APRIL 2014

You can see the words "Believe in Me" on the 7 of Clubs. “Believe in Me.”

In this forecast, for the new LUNAR CYCLE beginning March 30, 2014, the Oracles show an emerging awareness of male and female energies working together to create unprecedented results. There are some interesting influences at play here, including an unconventional, and magical alignment between earthy female power and etherial influences.

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    Quietly Screaming: Playing Cards were made for Card Reading (so why is no one using them as they were created?)

    Playing cards were made for divination. No, REALLY! They were never made for games, unless you consider prediction a game. And the truth is, plain old boring playing cards, no fancy embellishments or pictures for card reading added, are all you really need to give a super kick-ass reading. Why? Cuz’ they were MADE for card reading! Check this out…
    Come on in, the shoes are fine! Come on in, the shoes are fine![/caption]

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      Oracle Predictions: March 2014

      This forecast, for the new LUNAR CYCLE beginning March 1, 2014, the Oracles show BALANCE. So all the parts of you, all the different parts of your life work together WELL this month: work, play, home life, etccc… And in the midst of all this, expect… (CLICK ON FULL ARTICLE TO LISTEN TO THE FORECAST AND CONTINUE READING)

      MARCH 2014 ORACLE FORECAST / "Playing Card Oracles" cards

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