When Are You Most “Yourself?”

nov:dec oracle speak

In this forecast, for the new LUNAR CYCLE beginning Nov 23, 2014 (and continuing thru the Solstice on Dec 21,) the Oracles show the importance of finding, recognizing, and appreciating those moments in your life when you are most “yourself,” when you are expressing the truth of who you are.

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    The Importance of Being Childlike, Creepy Basement Things, Playing Cards as a Time Machine: The “Tarot Notes” interview with Ana Cortez

    Reprinted from Tarot Notes – Major and Minor, a blog by Zanna Starr. To see the original article click HERE. 

    An Interview with Ana Cortez

    Ana Cortez

    Ana Cortez, the author of The Playing Card Oracles (A Source Book for Divination), describes the book as “the result of a remarkable journey that began more than twenty years ago, a journey not of miles but personal discovery.” I invited Ana to join us here at Tarot Notes to talk about her journey and how we all might benefit from what she has learned.

    Hello, Ana, and welcome to Tarot Notes: Major and Minor!

    Tarot Notes (TN)I love the part of your book where you describe the first time you saw your father’s paintings of playing cards. Would you tell our blog readers a little bit about that experience?

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      Author Ana Cortez gives a quick tutorial on how she reads reversals to awaken and enliven the way you read cards. Works with any method or divination type deck.
      Ana’s ebook on her COMPLETE system is FREE for a limited time at www.anacortez.com/books

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