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Ana Cortez Oracle School

Answer any question, gain clarity on any issue - for yourself, your friends, family, even professionally. Card reading with playing cards has never been more fun and more revealing! Oracles author Ana Cortez guides you through the masterful system discovered by her own father, and takes you step-by-step through her own everyday, go-to, card reading essentials. You’ll be reading like a pro, and discovering jaw dropping secrets hidden in regular old playing cards.

♣ 6 hours of fully downloadable videos, at your fingertips. Any time, anywhere!!
♥ Discover important dates for any question using the amazing card calendar.
♦ Build your intuition and observational skills with unique techniques.
♠ Hands on exercises to get you confident quickly.

About Ana

Ana Cortez is the author of The Playing Card Oracles, The Teacher Within, and her latest book, Oracle Alchemy. She is a self-described misfit, truth seeker, rule breaker, and freak for the supernatural. Ana lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, Todd, and their three dogs. Learn more about Ana...